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Presentation of the IQ Option 4.0

We’ve been in the industry of 00:00:08 more that 2 years now and since the very beginning, since the day 1. The quality of the platform, its design, convenience — all of these things were our main passion and our main goal. And now, after a several months of development and research we’re proud to present the most major outbreak in the life of the company. It’s the new version of our platform — IQ Option 4.0. And first of all, it’s the interactive playground which allows you open up to 9 charts in the one window and each of the charts still retains full functionality. You can move them around, you can oversize them, change the location. It’s alright here.

For example, you can open one chart which shows you the trend for the last 15 minutes. Another one will show you the trend for the last three hours. And the third one will show you the trend of the best one day. You can see all trends simultaneously which will definitely help you in making the decision. Now you see financial old history with limitation period up to 2 years. This gives you a truly global view of picture.

We’ve decided to create the first trading platform in the world based on web jail technology. There’s nothing like that — not in binaries, not in Forex, not stocks. Web jail Technology allows you to use all resources on your computer including graphic processor and memory which are much faster for the visual desks. This allows you to load all the graphical components immediately. Thank to this, platform performance sends speed. They were increased by at least five times. Even the small price change is displayed in a second. Thanks to Web jail technology users will have an amazing control over their trading.

We have developed a completely new design which was based on our traders wishes. Now you can choose color themes, many of different layouts and the chart type. We just love it all. We have also added many of the trader’s most favorite indicators — MACD, parabolic SAR, awesome or stochastic oscillators as well as tools such as Fibonacci lines. This will greatly expend the tools of potential trading strategies and help make more accurate forecasts of market changes.

Now we have not just browser or mobile app trade rooms, but also the desktop app. That gives traders not just the convenience of usage, but even more speed on another 3 times. And the platform is absolutely the same, no matter what OS or a browser you’re using. On Windows or OSX, Chrome or Safari, all setting of charts and apps are preserved between the trend sessions. At home, at work, in the browser and in application as well.

We do believe that this is the way in modern trading platform to look and perform. And now we’re ready to present you the result of our hard work, the result of our maniacal attention to details. Trade wisely, realize the risks and enjoy the top performance the modern technologies can provide together with IQ option.

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