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Trading window adjustment

The panel at the top of the screen allows you to switch trading windows. By default there’s one window opened for the most profitable asset. To add multiple trading windows click the plus button and select the assets you’d like to see. Now you can switch between your assets. In order to simultaneously display multiple windows select one of the proposed layouts. All windows are interchangeable. Move the cursor at the top edge of the window until you see the hand icon and drag one window to another. You can adjust the size of the windows too. Just over the edge of the window and you can change its vertical and horizontal sides. You can also minimize any window sending it in the top bar or remove unwanted tabs.

If you choose the layout with more windows you’ve opened, the remaining spaces will be filled automatically with the most profitable assets.

In the layout menu there’s a check mark that records the number of opened windows. Remove this check mark and the layout will automatically update according to the number of opened tabs.

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