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Trading with multicharts

You can simultaneously trace price changes on different assets by opening several windows. Also you can look in the trend of a single asset by opening the same asset several times and entering various scale parameters or candlestick times fridge window.

Trading with multicharts will also be useful for those who use a capital management strategy. With information on various funding arrangements you will no longer need to change it manually each time.

Professional traders often use multicharts for monitoring correlations between enter- depending assets. For example, the Norwegian crone is a commodity currency and its price depends on oil prices and brand oil in particular. By opening these two assets simultaneously you’re able to see the relationship between them.

Many traders also add a  parabolic SAR indicator, which helps them to determine trends change. If indicator is below the chart it’s likely to be ascending. And otherwise, to be descending. All these will give you more objecting information for making an informed decision.

We wish you successful trading with IQ option.

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